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GP Sports

About Us

Global Prospect Sports

Global Prospect Sports (GPS) is a site designed to provide athletes and coaches from all sports a forum to display various individual talents or team accomplishments via video highlights, statistical information and photos.  GPS will provide a forum that will allow athletes to network and interact with other athletes, coaches, recruiters/scouts, and other sports related professionals such as personal trainers, nutritionist, sports camps, sports managers, sports medicine counselors/physicians, etc.


Youth Athletes (13 and below): With a parent’s consent, GPS is a sports site that will allow youth athletes a fun and safe environment to interact with fellow teammates and coaches.   Youth athletes can post game or event statistics, photos, and videos on GPS to be viewed for years to come as young athletes travel through higher levels of competition.

Parents/Grandparents/Family/Friends, Did you miss a game or sporting event?  Well, GPS will be a great place to view stats and details of your child’s games or sporting events even if you were absent.

GPS will be a safe and respectful sports related site/forum that will not allow profanity or any type of inappropriate material.  Sports related material is the only material that will be accepted on GPS.


High School Prospect Athletes:  GPS is a site where high school athletes and college bound high school athletes can post game/event statistics, photos, and videos to be viewed by coaches, recruiters, and scouts.

GPS will be the future of sports recruiting for college bound athletes.  College coaches, scouts and recruiters will have a one stop shop for all of the relevant data and information needed to select new prospects.  GPS will host the athlete’s personal game or event statistics from season to season for recruiting needs.

GPS will also work with sports related businesses to host information and advertisement that cater to the needs of the college bound athletes such as training camps, personal trainers, combines, etc.


Amateur Sports Athletes:  GPS is a site/forum for amateur athletes of all sports to post game/event statistics, photos, and videos for friendly competitions, bragging rights, or just for fun and personal use.

Amateur sports organizations such as, community leagues, recreational sports leagues, church leagues, work related sports organizations, and semi-professional athletes just to name a few, are all welcome to post game/event statistics on GPS for all to see.  GPS knows how competitive amateur sports are, so we would like nothing else but to be the site/forum where amateur athletes showcase their highlights and competitiveness, season in season out.


Coaches:  GPS is designed to provide coaches, recruiters, and scouts with a specific place to view the talents from a range of athletes and potential prospects in any sport.  On GPS there is a Coaches Member Profile that will allow coaches to display their individual data, highlights, videos, coaching accomplishments, team standings, and coaching experience. Coaches will  be able to network with other coaches to learn new coaching techniques and training methods that may be helpful for success.  Coaches will also be able to interact with their players and teammates to disseminate game/event related information, such as practice times or game/event information that will be useful to everybody involved.


Recruiters/Scouts/Coaches:  Recruiters, scouts, and coaches are more than welcome to come to GPS to view a wide range of athletes from almost any sport.  Recruiters/scouts/coaches are able to follow an athlete’s/prospect’s athletic progress from game to game and from season to season.  GPS will host the athlete’s game/event stats, photos, and video highlights to make it really easy for recruiters, scouts, and coaches to browse through potential prospects from the comforts of their own home or local office.

The GPS goal is to save college’s time and money on travel expenses and to ensure that recruiters are only putting time and energy into serious prospects that suit their needs.


Sponsors:  GPS opens its arms to any persons, businesses, companies, and community organizations that are willing to share a part of the GPS vision and goals by providing financially or through the provision of products or services.


Advertisement:  Sports related companies are more than welcome to advertise on GPS.  For advertising details please contact gpsinfo@gpsports.wpengine.com .  Companies such as: sporting goods and equipment companies, sports training camps, sports medicine entities and physicians, personal trainers, videographers, photographers, nutritionist/dietitians, sports management, etc.

Advertisement/Sponsors:  Please contact gpsinfo@gpsports.wpengine.com


Home Page Submittals: GPS members/users can send us information and video links to any of the GPS “Top Videos, Workout of the Day, Nutrition Notes, Coaches Take, News, Events/Tournaments/Camps/Combines sections” on the HOME PAGE.   Your information will be reviewed and can possibly be included on our HOME Page.

Please send your HOME Page information/videos with the related HOME Page section in the subject line and a brief description to gpshomepage@gpsports.wpengine.com

EX:          To:  gpshomepage@gpsports.wpengine.com

            Subject:  Top Videos

            Video of John Smith of the Tidewater Tortoises sliding into home

            plate 04/15/2012. Inside the park homerun!



Questions/Concerns:  Please contact GPS at gpsinfo@gpsports.wpengine.com

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